Kitchen tour

As we prepare to visit the market tomorrow, we have been planning what we will make with the food we buy. After voting, the children decided that we will start with making fruit smoothies and pumpkin soup. We will later make pizzas. With this in mind, we made a list of things that we need to be able to prepare these foods in our classroom. We will be setting up a small kitchen to be used day to day in EY3. Yesterday, we visited the cafeteria and toured the different areas where they prepare and cook meals, bake cakes and breads, prepare salads, cut meats, and also where the dishes are washed up. This tour was a great way to learn about things we didn’t initially think of having in our class kitchen, such as a kitchen scale, oven mits, and jars of ingredients that are used in many different foods.

Today, the children were excited to set up their own kitchen in the classroom and are getting ready to use it after our trip to the market tomorrow.