Kingdom Kids Thankful for Prem Support


Kingdom Kids (KK) is a local foundation that helps orphans and other children in need in Chiang Mai. Prem service groups have been helping Kingdom Kids for many years and this mantle has been taken over in recent times by A. Lisa and the CP students. One of the many ways Prem helps KK is by raising funds for them through various events such as the Premathlon and the Prem Dance Fest. I would like to share these words from the Head of Kingdom Kids, Mr. Micah Gitlin:
‘Kingdom Kids Foundation is incredibly thankful for the relationship with Prem that has formed over the years.  We are continually honored by the thoughtfulness and service of Prem’s students, staff, parents, and supporters.  The Premathlon was an amazing event, and we are grateful to have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the funds so generously raised.  Our plan is to utilize those funds making (much-needed) updates to the kitchen in our girls’ home—making it safer & more functional for our family there.  Words always seem to fall short when expressing our gratitude, but we are so very thankful to you all.’
So to everyone who has been involved with Kingdom Kids and helped raise funds by organising and taking part in events we can see what it means to those we help. Well done Prem Community.

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