Keeping up-to-date with technology

One of my favourite websites for keeping up-to-date with technology is BBC Click. This regular TV show is backed with a great website where you can view previous episodes online. Searching BBC Click by episodes allows you to catch up with the last year’s worth of broadcasts. It’s well worth a look.

Another way to keep up with the latest and greatest tech, or in fact the latest and greatest of just about anything, is through the popular website Twitter. If you have never looked at Twitter then it’s probably time that you did.  Simply search by using hashtags (this is a hashtag #) and then follow people that are posting things that you are interested in.  Eg. If you are interested in the iPhone then you could search by using #iPhone and this will list all posts where users have mentioned the iPhone and added this hashtag. You can then choose to follow individuals and you will be tweeted everything that they post in the future.

Even if you’re not interested in Technology Twitter is a great way to follow what you are interested in such as #knittiing #ManU #Moyes #Scuba #Baking.  Give it a try, follow a few people and then go back to it a few days later and see if they’ve posted any interesting news tips or tricks.  I post regularly and if you wish to follow me search for @ict4school.  Alternatively you could follow our tweets from school by searching and following @PTISschool.  Happy tweeting!

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