Keeping bendy in the IEP!

Physical performance affects mental performance, we’ve observed this correlation in the IEP amongst our students for five years now.  Students in the IEP have been taught weekly yoga sessions as part of the IEP curriculum, the results have been very positive; through cultivating strength and flexibility, students gain confidence, feel good and are better able to calm down and focus on their studies.

Super flexible students are happy and relaxed, more comfortable in their bodies and ready to learn.

 In yoga class we are taught that all body types and personality types can practice yoga. Students look forward to their time on the yoga mat, each year dedicated yoga students from the IEP often choose to practice more than once per week, signing up for yoga exploria on Monday afternoons. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and passion for the practice coming from the IEP students and teachers; that’s right, even our own A. Jun joins our weekly yoga practices, he has been doing so for nearly 5 years now!

IEP students in Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose); a challenging back-banding posture!

IEP students practice Ustrasana (The Camel Pose); more intense back-bending, enjoyed by all.

IEP kids in Salamba Bhujangasana variation (The Sphinx Pose); great for gently opening the back, chest, and knees.

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