Keep Dreaming and Good Thinking

Many of the stories here show how when people follow their dreams and connect with like-minded people, positive outcomes can be realized.

Lockdown need not stop us from planning and dreaming. Our ability to think, envision our futures and dream in all situations can be a source of hope.
Reflect on your dreams and the things you want to achieve as you listen to this song “if we hold on together “ Diana Ross 1998

Lynda Rolph
Head of Community
Traidhos Three-Generation Community

Lynda worked as a primary school teacher in Greater London before coming to Thailand to teach science in 1998 at Traidhos School Village, the school which preceded Prem. She has since developed curriculum and headed up the Barge Program, managed VSP,  expanded  Camp Program and held various positions in the Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. She is currently Head of Community.



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