Juniors visit local Eco-tourist destination

Last Sunday the junior boarders were treated to a trip out to the Elephant Poopoo Paper Park. This park, just 15 minutes away from the Prem campus, is a wonderful family friendly attraction which encourages recycling and use of sustainable products.

The students received an interesting tour from the staff at the park and were even able to try making some paper themselves! They were shown the process of cleaning, drying, colouring and creating the paper, and were able to get stuck in and make the paper itself! Leave in the sun for a few hours and we have beautiful, colourful, rough, recyclable, strong paper. All the waste paper was added to the poopoo mix to make into new paper – truly recycled!

All the students had the opportunity to design their own product using the recycled paper. Many chose to design a beautiful little notebook. We finished the trip off by having lunch in their garden (yummy banana bread!). Overall, an interesting and fun day out!

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