Junior School Swim Carnival 2016

The Junior School was treated to a fun day of swimming at the recent Junior School Swim Carnival, sharing this with close to 100 parents.  

Students were placed in races in their Physical Education ability groups, Seals, Sharks and Dolphins, and so began the battle for house points throughout the day.  There was a real carnival atmosphere this year, with 'flash mob' dancing on the side of the pool with 'DJ Paddy', and our students took great pleasure is seeing some of our teachers pushed into the pool. 

Fire house proved too strong for Air, Earth, and Water houses in the 4 x 20 relay and for the first time in four years, our teacher's team were beaten by their opposition.  In the Cork Scramble event, students clambered for corks to score house points and Water house proved too strong in winning three from three.  This set up an exciting finish to the house points, but it was Fire, on 406 points, who took out the title of Champion House, ahead of Earth (376), Air (281), and Water (236).

The points from the Swim Carnival, plus many other sporting events, and including the Homeroom house points, were all added together to reveal that Earth house, on 3639 points, was our champion house for the year.  Water house, on 3637 points, came a close second, followed by Fire (3585) and Air (3542)


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