Junior School students working with our resident artist

We are happy to welcome Chris T.T back to Prem!

Junior School students are again looking forward to working with our 'Artist in residence' Chris TT. Chris is a writer and music artist, one of the UK’s most consistently praised underground artists. More information about his amazing career can be found at http://christt.com/

On Tuesday 17 January EY1 – Gr 5 students will participate in special interactive concerts with Chris. Chris has taken classic A.A. Milne poems and composed fabulous piano ensembles which we are all looking forward to hearing. Children may bring a pillow or teddy along for the concert, children will be sitting on the stage around Chris on the piano.

10:15 am EY1 – EY3

1:40 pm Gr 1- Gr 5

Parents are more than welcome to join us for this special event in the Auditorium.

Some classes will also participate in additional sessions with Chris T.T over the next two weeks through their Unit of Inquiry or Music classes. Please make sure to also add Friday 27 January to your diary when Chris will be holding a free community performing in the Prem amphitheatre.

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