Junior School Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences take place this semester from Monday 18 April to Thursday 21 April 2016 for students from Early Years 1 to Grade 5.  

You may ask, why do we have Student Led Conferences? At Prem we believe that:

  • Student Led Conferences provide an opportunity to celebrate learning
  • Students reaffirm and take ownership of their learning by sharing it with others
  • Student Led Conferences give students, parents and teachers an opportunity to be involved in ongoing evaluation and communication
  • Student Led Conferences enhance self-esteem as students are asked to focus on ther strengths and give their own perspective on areas needing improvement
  • Student Led Conferences are empowering experiences for all children as they are actively involved in assessing and reporting their accomplishments

Letters have been sent home and your child is looking forward to sharing their learning journey with you.

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