Junior School Production

The AY16-17 Junior School Production was hosted by the JS Music Department and was a student-led process. The rehearsals spanned from March to June 2017; with the main shows taking place on 6-7 June. All students from Early Years 1 through Grade 5 were involved in the production with the main cast being made up of 33 students who chose to join the production Exploria activity.

During both performances, the students demonstrated a high level of confidence, volume and enjoyment. The production process definitely helped our students raise their music skills by focussing on musical details and by having a concrete goal to work towards. This year’s production was a reflection of the students’ hard work for an entire year in our music classes. In music classes, the students learned and practised the 11 songs of the playlist. Moreover, through their Unit of Inquiry “Lights, Camera, Action!”, the Grade 4 students wrote the entire script and created short movies for transitions. Finally, during the Exploria sessions, students designed choreographies. We also worked on staging, props, costumes, acting and transitions.

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