Junior School Parent Information Evening

6 pm 30 August: EY1 – Grade 5 Grade level parent information meetings.
Mum’s and Dad’s it is your turn to come to school!
All JS parents are required to attend the Parent Information Evening this coming Wednesday 30 August.
There will be a short presentation about key initiatives for the year in the auditorium. This will be followed by presentations by grade level teachers in your child’s classroom, the teachers will outline the curriculum and class procedures for the year.
Please ensure you wear your parent badge. If you have a car pass you can park near the cafeteria, the gate will be open before and after the meetings. If you don’t have a car pass, please part at the front of school.
Please arrange for your children to be cared for at home for this event, there is no child minding available at school and they all need to be in bed early to get a good night’s sleep.
Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

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