Junior School News - Sharing our Practices and Learning from One Another

In the Junior School, we are very committed to the concept of learning from one another. Sharing our various expertise with one another is a way that we can all grow and develop our educational practices. After two years of supporting students on and off again through remote learning, our teachers have become experts in all sorts of digital platforms, online teaching strategies and techniques for supporting students through virtual learning. However, not all of our teachers have developed the exact same set of skills, so as a Junior School we challenged ourselves during a recent staff meeting to share some of our best practices with one another. 


Each teacher prepared a 10-minute presentation to share with their colleagues. All together 21 Dynamic presentations were delivered. Each teacher delivered 1 presentation to their colleagues and benefited from being an audience member for 4 other presentations, where they learned new techniques from their colleagues. The result is that all of our teachers have new learning that they can incorporate into their teaching programs to benefit their students. 


As the Junior School Principal, I am very proud of my team of educators for the dynamic presentations they designed for their colleagues, as well as their commitment to being lifelong learners. We are a strong community of teachers, and just like our students, we are also a strong community of learners. By sharing with one another, we strengthen our sense of community and further the dynamic learning that is happening in our Junior School classrooms.


Justin Jarman

Junior School Principal

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