Junior School House Captain Elections!

House Captain elections took place this week, and we wanted to find out more about why we have House Captains at Prem? So we asked Ajarn Mary-Ann a few questions to find out more!
How were the House Captains decided upon?
During the first unit- the students inquired into leadership and governing systems. Through this process, they learnt how to write speeches with persuasive techniques. The students who were interested in becoming house captains then created videos to campaign themselves and the students voted for their captains.
What was the voting criteria? 
Attributes of leadership were explored and then the students created videos highlighting the aspects of leadership they would bring to the position.
Why is leadership important in Junior school?
Leadership is important in Junior School as this gives opportunities for students to have a voice, to take a lead and organise things for their students. To try new things and so there is this balance of leadership of adults and students.
Leadership gives students a chance to try new things. Ryan and Tiger
What things will the House Captains lead on? 
They will lead on the Junior School student council – they will also lead on different events and school assemblies. We want to come from the perspective that most of what they lead on and do is stemmed from the students themselves rather than adults. We will be putting out a survey to find out what the students would like to see at Prem and how the student council can make
How does being a House Captain feed into the PYP learner profiles?
The first job of the House Captains will be to identify the core attributes to be a leader and what a good role model looks like at Prem and they will create and sign contracts to ensure we are able to stay on task with these.
Congratulations to the students who have been made House Captian!
Ryan  – Earth
Boeing – Water
Ella  – Air
Emily – Fire

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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