Junior School Grade level blogs

Have you checked your child's grade level blog lately?

Homeroom and specialist teachers use grade level blogs in the Junior School as a key way to communicate with families about what is happening in school.

Just this week we have seen Gr 1 students building their city, EY 3 students exploring their Senses. camp details for Gr 3 and homework for a number of older grades.

At the beginning of each Unit of Inquiry, teachers upload a 'Unit flyer' so you can clearly see what your child will be focusing over the next 5/6 weeks.

These flyers include key vocabulary, learning experiences and ways you can support your child at home.

You can access your grade level blog through the link on the Grade level page in the Prem Parent Portal. Alternatively, email your homeroom teacher who will send you the direct link and you can subscribe to receive updates automatically when teachers add content to the blog.

Parents are encouraged to add your comments on the class blogs too, the children love to receive positive feedback on what they are doing!

Mrs Anita McCallum
Junior School Principal

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