Junior School families please help our students take action

Dear Families,
Two lovely things happened in EY2 on Friday!
First, one of ours students brought these flowers to school. These falling flowers tell us that Winter is coming!

Secondly, during Circle Time on Friday, another student shared that she had found a pair of socks in her school bag. These socks did not belong to her nor did they belong to anyone else in the class. The student said that she would give the socks to the “no sock boy” – a child that did not have any socks.

There followed a lot of discussion about socks and those who do not have socks. The EY2 students decided to collect socks for the children who do not have socks and to ask the rest of the Junior School students if they would help.
With the approach of Winter, there will be a need for warm clothes especially for those families in the colder regions in the hills; the EY2 students “No Sock Boy Action” will go a little way to help other children who do not have socks to keep warm.
No Sock Boy Baskets will be in each JS classrooms for the next two weeks. All clean socks without holes will be most gratefully received.

Thank you for your support!
From the EY2 students.

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