Junior School Cross Country

Last term saw the 3rd Annual Junior School Cross Country with everyone from EY1 to Grade 5 competing in their events.  More than 100 parents and family members turned out for the 'Chicken Dance' warm-ups with the Prem Panther, followed by long distance races from 500 meters through to 1700m.  

With our goals set – 'pacing' yourself, showing 'courage' in completing the event, giving your best, and promoting a healthy lifestyle – our tough Prem Panthers went out and displayed their resilience and determination.

House points were also up for grabs with the top 10 place getters scoring points from 10 through to 1, while each competitor was awarded 1 point for finishing.  With 234 points, Air house proved too strong for the others houses – Earth (209), Water (216) and Fire (171).

Congratulations to our individual race winners in each grade:

EY1 – Kao Kwan Handagoon
EY2 – Amelie Pinkard-Bourget
EY3 – Grace King
G1 – KaoHorm Handagoon
G2 – Ella Li
G3 – KK Bird
G4 – Vanessa Schraner
G5 – Summer Thomas

EY1 – Charlie Teplertbun
EY2 – Benjamin Bowyer
EY3 – John King
G1 – James Bowyer
G2 – Mahinder Singh
G3 – Jule Piper Sangnakkara
G4 – Cameron Bowyer
G5 – Noa Gaysek

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