Junior School Cross Country - 16 December

The Junior School Cross Country will be held on Friday 16 December, 8:40-10:00am at the Prem Cricket Oval. All students from Early Years 1 through to Grade 5 have been training in class and will compete.  Please join us for tea and coffee and cheer on your child.

Students have the opportunity to do some extra training on Wednesday 14 December at 8:00am-8:15am on the running track. We encourage parents to join us for a jog on Wednesday morning and encourage your child to experience the value of exercise.

Students should wear their House uniform on Friday for the Cross Country event, don't forget school hats, sunscreen and water bottles too!

Cross Country Timetable
8.40 amArive, Briefing 
8.50 amEY1 (Boys and Girls)400m
8.55 amGrade EY2 (Boys and Girls)500m
9.00 amGrade EY3 & G1 (Boys and Girls)500m
9.05 amGrade 2 Boys and Girls1100m
9.10 amGrade 3 Boys1100m
9.12 amGrade 3 Girls1000m
9.25 amGrade 4 Boys1700m
9.27 amGrade 4 Girls1700m
9.35 amGrade 5 Boys1700m
9.37 amGrade 5 Girls1700m
9.45 – 10.15 amWrap up, snack at Oval, return for class 
10.15 amNormal Classes 


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