Junior School Council 2016

Last week saw much excitement as more that 30 students put their names forward to prepare speeches for selection to the Junior School Council.  The Junior School Council are a voice for the student body and will listen to student suggestions and questions via the Junior School Wonder Wall.  As a team, they will develop their leadership skills, promoting fun events that tie into the house competition, and highlight action that we can take as a community to make this a better more peaceful world to live in.  Congratulations to the following students who were voted by our students:

Class representatives:
Summer Thomas (Grade 5)
Vanessa Schraner; Karen Guo (Grade 4)
Tom Bosworth; Reese Hardigan (Grade 3)

House Captains:
Eshana Jackson; Jake Kim; Noa Gaysek; Viveka Marwah

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