Junior Boarding students dine out

Here in boarding, the Grade 3, 4 and 5 students are the youngest members of our community. They all work hard at school, enjoy the diverse after-school Explorer programme and love participating in the varied activities that are offered in Boarding.

Last week Ajarn Steph and Ajarn Greg took the youngest students out for a lovely meal at a local restaurant called ‘Baa Baa Black’. The off-campus outing was enjoyed by all; we had the opportunity to play in the park, on the swings and even in the outdoor kitchen followed by a delicious meal and dessert!

“The food at Baa Baa Black was the best – I had a burger and a ginger ale! We 'cooked' with sand and mud there too.” (Jasmine grade three)  

“My favourite part was all of it – we got to play a lot and have really good food at Baa Baa Black!” (Eshana grade four).  

“We all had a wonderful evening and can’t wait to go out for dinner again!” (Eshana grade four).  

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