JS Student Council is up and running!

The Junior School Council (JSC) has been elected by students in Grades 3 – 5 to represent the students in the Junior School. As leaders in the JS, they have the important job of being the voice of all JS students and have the opportunity to share their talents, skills and interests as they communicate, plan and work with other students as part of a leadership team. This year the JSC consists of 9 students, one representative from each house team, and a representative from each class from Grade 3 upwards. Congratulations to those students who were chosen by their peers to be part of this leadership group.

The JSC met for the first time today to discuss different ideas for making Prem a better place. Some of their ideas included ways to make the blue mats area a safer place to play, different ways to ensure that sports equipment could be looked after better, and ways to improve the school uniforms. They also discussed some ideas for events that they could run over the next few months to make the Junior School more balanced. This group will meet once a fortnight and we look forward to hearing more from them as they work together throughout the year.

A. Lachlan
Grade 5 Teacher

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