JS Line Up January 27th: Close Shaves, Taking Action, Kindness and Empathy

Today in JS Line Up Aj.Justin asked us to reflect on some of the big ideas that the PYP has at its core: Empathy, Caring, Taking Action, and Being Risk Takers. This was exemplified by Aj.Helen and Aj.Gillian who had agreed to have their heads shaved in order to raise money to support people and animals who had suffered in the terrible bushfires that have impacted large parts of Australia. Aj.Steve and Aj. Alina stepped in as very professional ‘hairdressers’ and the JS students and parents were very supportive and encouraging as the shaving commenced!.

Here is a message from Aj.Helen and Aj.Gillian:

From Australia to you, Thank you!

“Prem students, parents, teachers and staff looked deep into their hearts and took positive action today. The Whole School Prem community raised funds for the Australian Bushfire Appeal. Australia’s wildlife, communities and bush has suffered from devastating fires in recent months. A.Gillian and A.Helen both have immediate family members in the affected areas so they asked themselves, ‘So what…what can we do to help?’ Together they took action and organised a whole school event that included ‘Shave for a Cause’ and the ‘Uniform Free Day.’ The action rippled across the whole school and all day donations have been received!

Donations are still being accepted until Friday 31st Jan. We look forward to sharing with you soon the total amount raised by the Prem Community. From Australia to you, Thank you.”


Today we also wished students with recent birthdays our best wishes, we hoped to see everyone at the Talent Show this evening, and heard the latest House Point totals.


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