JS Curriculum in Action and Maths Parent Workshop

Key events on the calendar for Thursday next week in the Junior School, come along parents and guardians to see learning in action.

8:15 – 9 am Parent workshop: Maths focusing on Gr 1-5 (library)
Parents are invited to join in, be an inquirer and learn more about concepts in Maths and how inquiry helps our children develop deeper understandings.
Curriculum in Action in JS classes 9 – 9:55 am
This is an opportunity for parents to join their child in their class for a lesson and see learning in action in different parts of the school.

Which class?

What will they be doing?

Early Years 1- 3

In their homeroom class

Grades 1 and 2

Literacy in their homeroom class

Grades 3 and 4

LOTE in their Language classrooms (Thai or Mandarin)

Grade 5 PJ

PE with A.Mark on the Buffalo field

Grade 5PMC

Maths in their homeroom class

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