JS Artists: Thriving in Remote Learning

During the past 2 weeks JS students have been exploring various artists and art techniques. During their Zoom meetings, students have been working side by side with Ajarn Susan and their peers.

Students work directly with the specialist teacher. Here you can see the student and A. Susan working side by side.









In EY1 & 2, students created circle pictures based on the artist Yayoi Kusama.       


Grade 1 created nature people and paintings using brush made from leaves and twigs, and had fun painting with coffee and tea!





Grade 2 practiced their knowledge of 1-point perspective drawing.



Grade 3 are practicing their portrait drawing skills and will use them to create a portrait that express something about themselves.




Grade 4 learned how to make cubistic still life drawings

Our thanks to Ajarn Susan for ensuring joyful and effective learning continues even if we are learning remotely!

Susan Morgan

WS Art Teacher

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