Join your child for Loy Krathong celebrations in the Junior School.

One of the most beautiful festivals that takes place in Thailand is the one for Loy Krathong. This is celebrated on the full moon in November. The word “loy“ means to float, and a krathong is a banana leaf cup. People place a candle and incense sticks in their krathongs and then float them on a local river or pond. As they push away their krathong, they ask for forgiveness in polluting the waterways and also for good luck in the coming months.

In the Junior School Thai classes, we will celebrate this event by making Krathongs and singing Loy Krathong songs Wednesday 25 November. Students will make their own krathongs and decorate them with flowers, incense sticks and candles. Students can also bring their favourite flowers from home for their own krathongs as well.

We warmly invite parents to join their child in their Thai class on this day and participate in this special activity, please see below for times.



EY 1


EY 1 classroom

EY 2

1.00 – 1.40

EY 2 classroom

EY 3

2.20 – 3.00

EY 3 classroom

Grade 1


Thai classrooms

Grade 2


Thai classrooms

Grade 3


Thai classrooms

Grade 4


Thai classrooms


Happy Loy Krathong!

Wannapa Suksang

Thai Principal

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