Join in the Premathlon, November 13th !

The annual Premathlon will take place on Friday 13th November. However, this year as we know is very special (Both in good and bad ways), and as such this will be a special Premathlon. Firstly, the main difference is that the Premathlon will be held during school time (1.00-3.30pm). All students will take part. There will also be opportunities for parents, teachers and community members to take part. It’s all about taking part and having fun as a whole school community!

Senior Students, if you would like to take part in the Team Race, please remember to register by Tuesday 10 November at 5:00pm (For team registration only one student needs to register). The link to the Registration Form is here: (You don’t need to register for the Fun Run/Walk as all students not doing the team event will
do that):
For teachers, parents and community members you can also take part in the Senior Fun Run/Walk or Team Race (There will be seperate prizes for you guys). If you do want to join please fill in the the registration form below:

Lee Stevens

Director of Athletics & Activities

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