T'was a Dark and Stormy Night............... Prem Halloween 2020

Even the rain could not dampen our ghoulish Halloween event. Senior and Junior students arrived in ‘spooktacular’ fashion. We had everything from werewolves to Baby Yoda! Students went to the main auditorium where there were fun games and food vendors aplenty.  And then as it went dark blood curdling screams could be heard coming from the Boarding cluster as students entered the Haunted Boarding House! If the students survived they were welcomed to join the Boarding BBQ.
Both Halloween events did so well considering the weather. The trunks had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain! Thank you to everyone who came to  the event, it was great to see such a supportive community all having fun! A big thank you to Liz Hammond (Director of Development) and Crispian Waterman (Head of Boarding) for coordinating these events with their teams and students. A special thank you  to Chris Johnson ( for playing live creepy music in the haunted boarding house all night!) and to Adam Copus for making the Boarding clusters look so amazingly spooky! A real team effort!!

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