Is your child getting enough sleep?

With coughs and colds about and flu season underway, we urge parents to make sure your child is getting enough sleep at night in order to make sure they have lots of energy and are happy and healthy learners. School age children are still experiencing enormous growth, are very active, and require a lot of sleep. Adequate sleep helps with school performance, behavior, attention, memory, and more.

But how much sleep does a Junior School student need? Is your child getting the sleep they need each night? Remember, your child needs at least an hour off a screen before bed to ensure good sleep habits so make sure to put devices away and switch off the TV. Bedtime is a great time for stories and shared reading.

Age of childRecommended bedtimeRecommended hours of sleep per night
3 – 5 years oldBetween 6 pm and 8 pm, depending on what time they need to get up in the morning11 – 13 hours sleep
6 – 12 years oldBetween 7:30 pm and 9 pm, depending on what time they need to get up in the morning10 – 11 hours sleep

For further information on the importance of sleep and tips for establishing good sleep routines in your house, this site is a helpful resource National Sleep Foundation.

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