Introducing Prem’s Eco-Committee

We are proud to announce that Prem has created its very first Eco-Committee! We would like to share the names and first photographs of these members who all have one thing in common: they care about taking action to advocate for nature and the natural world. Take a look at these important community change-makers and know that more photographs of our members will be shared with you very soon: 

What is an Eco-Committee? 

An Eco-Committee is a group of volunteers who come together to discuss ways in which they can make a difference in our local community and beyond. At Prem, the Eco-Committee consists of students in senior, middle and junior divisions as well as teachers, parents and community representatives. 

How will an Eco-Committee bring about changes for Prem? 

The Eco-Committee will use the recent environmental survey as the basis for our action. We will identify areas around our school that provide opportunities for change. This might involve water, air, litter, recycling, energy consumption, food wastage and more. As soon as we have analysed the results, we will share a summary with our community along with our action plan. 

Across the year, the Eco-Committee will meet to collaborate on environmental projects and reflect on the success of our action points. We will keep you updated along the way so that you can also play a part in valuing and protecting all life forms in the community!


Charlotte Hankin

Grade 3/4 Teacher

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