Internship at the Neurological Hospital

On October 19 and 20, 6 students from Grade 11 entered an internship at the Neurological hospital on the Suthep road where we spent the two days touring the hospital from 9:00am-4:00pm. As aspiring doctors, we enjoyed our trip immensely as we learned about the Emergency Room and Out Patient Department.


On the first day, we were separated into two groups of three in which we alternated between both areas of the hospital to get a better understanding of what went on from the nurses who were chaperoning us. One of the groups was fortunate enough to get to see a neurosurgeon removing fluid from the spinal region, this process is called a lumbar puncture. Aside from that, we also got to see different types of equipment that were used in emergencies and CT scans from patients. The second day we stayed as a whole group and explored the different hospital wards. As this a neurological specialist hospital, there are only 4 wards in total. The wards are then separated from the neuro-surgical care and neurology where each contains one ICU and a normal ward.

On day two, we were chaperoned by different specialism ward nurses and one of the nurses took us to a machine that helps stroke patients recover. It specifically helps the patient walk again as a stroke can cause damage to the neurological function on either leg. Luckily, one of the students got the opportunity to try it out as well. After lunch, we had a Q&A session with a family doctor who graduated from Thailand. She gave us recommendations and advice that she personally found helpful. After that she then took us to a surgical ICU for us to observe how she checks up her rounds on patients.

Grade 11 students who took part:

  1.  Vandra Mejudhon (Witty)                   
  2.  Nitcha Phuchanbanchob (Emmy)       
  3.  Poon Harnchaipibulgul (Poon)                 
  4.  Gabriel Thorup (Gabe)                             
  5.  Samantha Lew (Gigi)                    
  6.  Lisa Fahrenholtz (Lisa) 

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