International Peace Day - 21st September - EY3 Project

So what happens when you are trying to build acts of kindness in a community? You empower students to build ideas and take the lead. Over the last few weeks, EY3 have been finding ways to be kind to others and promote acts of kindness in our school. Their biggest project has been to develop their ‘Peace Rocks’ with messages of peace, love and caring and to hide these around our playground. Once found, the rocks have been placed on a peace sign near the guard house to remind us of ways to be kind to others.

But what happens when the rocks disappear overnight, some appear scratched or damaged, or other simply kicked off the path, as if some terrible disaster has occurred? Well, our EY3 teacher empowers the students to take action. Through inquiry and problem solving and weaving literacy through the morning block, I sat back and watched students writing down the problem and coming up with solutions to fix it. Thinking and sharing those ideas and then formulating ways to take action culminated in a wonderful mix of collaborative and personal inquiry during their morning session. Their next step will be to reflect on how well their project worked and the impact this may have on our community; I sense our school is a beautiful and caring environment in which to grow and learn.

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