International Day 2017

Our greatest hope as the PSC is to give our students an opportunity so that they can have a sense of pride in their own culture while having the freedom to embrace the diversity of others. There is no greater example of the realization of this hope than on International Day.
In Prem tradition, International Day was held in November to celebrate the philosophies that link the IB curriculum to the principals of the United Nations. To honor those ideals, we opened ceremonies with a flag parade of 31 countries represented by our student body. After which 21 booths opened with activities, cultural trivia and, of course, food! From painting masks in China to playing carnival games in Switzerland, there was something for everyone to experience and enjoy.

On the main stage, nineteen cultural performances kept crowds entertained until the very end. With favorites returning like K-Pop Dance, Bhutanese song and dance, traditional folk songs and the addition to new acts like Tahitian Dance, there was always something exciting happening on stage.
For me, International Day is always a wonderful reminder of why we choose to be a part of the Prem Community. Within the celebration of our each unique cultures another celebration emerged. One of unity in our diversity; one of our dynamic community here at Prem.
Special thanks must be given to Khun Viroj and his operations team, Khun Mee, Khun Kanit and his camera team, Khun Nui, Khun Yuki, Khun Jane and Khun Grace who made up the International Day Committee. Huge thanks to one special student, Archan, who was our sound technician. It was a true representation of what the PSC stands for; parents, school and community.

Sara Hardigan- PSC Chairperson


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