Inter-House Golf Event is a Huge Hit!

The Prem Golf Centre hosted its very first Inter-House Golf Competition supported by the Head of House systems. Given the vast number of learners in our Golf program, competitive players are easy to find and stir some House competition. Our Head of Houses assembled their very best Golfers to compete in a long drive challenge, where distance was of the essence. Each Golfer was given an opportunity to hit 3 balls and their best ball would contribute to their respective Houses. The Driving range was set abuzz the minute the clock struck 12 pm, with a string of Golfers pouring in to support their Houses
1.) Why do you think this new House event is so important?
Golf is a solitary sport and can be made a team sport with different formats. A perfect example would be the famous Ryder Cup where American and European Golfers unite to represent their own. At Prem, our Golfers were uniting to represent House and what a beautiful unity it was. Prem is also home to its very own Golf Centre. An event of this magnitude not only unites our Golfers but also showcases the pristine conditions of our grounds.
2.) How do you feel when you see new students coming to try the sport for the first time?
It gives me great joy introducing a new learner, especially when I am witness to that look of fulfilment in their eyes every time the ball strikes the centre of their Golf club. Golf finds a way of attaching itself to the learner for life making it a highly addictive and healthy sport.
3.) People think competition can be tough but what benefits do you see from friendly competitions like this?
Friendly competition takes the pressure off! With friends cheering them on close by this really adds to the atmosphere and enables confidence to be built up.  Golf is very much like life – ” You get good breaks from bad shots or bad breaks from good shots “. You learn and grow every time!
4.) How would you hope to grow the event next year?
With this event being such a hit, I would very much like to introduce even more competitive formats for our students to enjoy. The final vision is a Golf course 18 hole competitive event in the near future!!
5.) As a Head of House you have to inspire your students to get involved how do you do this?
I have been coaching Golf at Prem for 6 plus years and as a result, have had the pleasure of making some very positive connections with parents and students. Inspiring them comes naturally to me, as I have had first hand experience in developing beginners to fully competent professionals. One of my latest projects is my dear son, Kiaan. As Head of House, I bring encouragement and praise and this helps my students feel safe enough to step up!

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