Inter-House Dance Competition : The Best Event Yet!

Prem kicked off the week with an explosion of energy at the Inter-House Dance Competition! The event started with a dance performance from the Exploria Dance Students. They showcased a range of dancing styles from hip hop to ballet. The Exploria Dance  finale, with its light show and flag dance, definitely raised the House spirit in the room, with all of the students ready to dance!

Water House was the first House to take to the stage. With Ariel, Caitlin, Zeni, Mamie and Alfie doing an excellent dance to ‘Singing in The Rain’. The dance was fun and lighthearted, and they were definitely light on their feet. The dance group worked really well together and had obviously put some practice in! Finishing with a dance tower topped by Alfie!

Fire House started their dance with three dancers Nene, Nana and Ugyen all doing solo dances, they were then joined on stage by more Fire House students and staff!  This really made for an entertaining dance and highlighted a real team effort where staff and students had fun together! Great House spirit Fire House!

Air House had not one but two dances to showcase. A solo dance from Kunugi who gave us a modern dance which showed great creativity. Kunugi also showed great courage in being the only solo dancer in the whole event, so a special congratulations to her for highlighting the meaning of House Spirit and Leadership qualities. The second Air House Dance was Noa & Kitty who did a fast paced, high energy dance, with all the flicks and tricks of a professional dance act! Both of the dancers were in tune with each other and you could tell by their synchronicity that there had been many hours of practice put into this performance!

The event finished with Earth House who had decided to stay current by producing a video for the event. With House Staff and Students taking part.

Our judges, Ajarn Jeff, Ajarn Sarah and Ajarn Dan had a very tough job deciding who would win this event with such high quality and such different styles and interpretations. The top spot was awarded to Air House, followed by joint second place Fire House and Water House, with Earth coming in 4th place.

Well done to everyone for making this event so much fun!


Crispian Waterman

Director of Boarding

Head of House System

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