Insights on Boarding Life

This week we decided to chat with recent Prem graduates, Minny and Thomas, to hear their insights on boarding life.  Please see their answers below.

When did you arrive at Prem?  Were you nervous about living at a boarding school?

Thomas:  I arrived in Grade 11 but I had a week trial before I came.  I was not that nervous because I knew what to expect.

Minny:  I arrived at the beginning of Grade 11 but I was not nervous about coming here.  I had come to Prem before for a tennis camp and I really liked the campus because it was really peaceful.

Was it difficult to adapt to boarding life?

Minny:  No, I was in a boarding school before.  Moving from one boarding school to another is not that difficult but there are different rules to adapt to.

Thomas:  No, not at all.  I had moved quite often before and I adapt to new situations quite easily.

How did you find the facilities here at Prem boarding?

Thomas:  Rooms like the Grade 12 common room, the boarding lounge and the boarding kitchen are really useful because we can cook there and hang out with our friends.

Minny:  I think the facilities are easy to access, like the gym at night.  It is really nice to exercise after studying at night and it was really helpful to me.

Did you find the boarding staff helpful?  How so?

Minny:  Yeah, there were people to talk to when I felt stressed.

Thomas:  Yes, I know I can go to boarding staff when I have problems and I need help.  

How do you feel living in boarding has prepared you for your life in the future?

Thomas:  It prepares us for living in dorms in university because we will have to follow regulations and live with new people we meet.

Minny:  Even though there is always adult supervision, you have to guide yourself in taking care of little things in your life, like laundry.  It has helped me to be more independent.

We thank Thomas and Minny for their thoughts and we wish them well in the futures.

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