Influencing Change (Mini-Exhibition)

During our Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry, students explored what makes an influential person. They participated in reading activities to identify the qualities, the impact and the inspirations behind influential people making a difference. During these experiences, the students made connections to our Central idea about how people’s actions can cause a shift in thinking and outcomes. They made connections to concepts such as social injustice, equality and equity to support human and children rights. 

When going on their own journey to become an influential person, students identified issues or social injustices that they wanted to help influence a change. The issues chosen to explore were noise pollution, inflation, racism, endangered animals, air pollution, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, feelings, hot weather and poverty. Students created questions on their issues that they wanted to know more about, focusing on the key concepts of causation, change and responsibility. 

Through research using books, surveys and online articles, students collected related information and used a graphic organiser to record their findings to then summarise their main ideas.

After students became experts on their topics, they thought about the 5 different types of action they could take: participation, advocacy, social entrepreneurship, social justice, and lifestyle choices. The students thought about possible actions for each before choosing the one that they wanted to use in order to influence a change. They planned out their action before making it come to life. 

As writer’s they explored imaginative, personal, and factual recounts to prepare themselves for writing a recount newspaper article on their learning journey that led to their action and how they hope their action will influence change. These articles were published in the first issue of Chronicles For Change.

Our Celebration of Learning was a brilliant time for students to experience the skills and stamina that they will apply in the PYP Exhibition. This experience was like a mini-PYP Exhibition to prepare them for next year.  

On Monday, April 24th, 2023, families and the Prem Community were invited to see their mini-exhibition. Grade 4 students demonstrated their knowledge when sharing with others their process, using strong communication skills and showing their confidence. When reflecting on the unit, students generalised that any person, regardless of age or race, can influence change. 

Chronicles For Change LINK


Megan Gless 

Grade 4 Teacher 

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