Individual Instrumental and Vocal Music Lessons have now started at Prem

I am delighted to confirm the Prem Academy of Music has now started offering private one to one music lessons in school, delivered by an outstanding team of professional visiting musicians. Please see our Music Academy Brochure for further details: Click Here – Music Academy Brochure As you will see in the e-Brochure, there are so many benefits of having music lessons during the week, not least the proven connectivity with academic progress.

During the last semester, 70++ students, staff, and parents expressed an interest in having individual instrumental and vocal lessons on the Prem Campus. If you were one of these people…and still wish to proceed with individual music lessons, please may I ask you to answer a couple of very quick questions via this Goggle Form Click Here for the Music Form to confirm you would like to have music lessons for yourself, son, daughter etc. Once I have received this, I will accept this reply as confirmation of your wish for the lessons to go ahead. I will then create a timetable for your music lessons and send you a copy by email for your final approval before the lessons can start.


If you did not express an interest the first time around in Semester 1, …then do not worry, please follow the same procedures and click on this Google Form Click Here for the Music Form to confirm you would like to have music lessons for yourself, son, daughter etc.


As the first session of the individual music lessons program will start on Monday 1st February (i.e. next week) and end on Friday 12th March, it is possible to receive six lessons during this period. Lessons are done on a rotating basis. Lesson rotation helps to minimise students missing the same subject over the Term.  Music lessons are 30 minutes at 600 baht and are charged termly to your school invoice.

During the first music lesson, all students will receive a music notebook to record their learning journey. This will outline what they need to practice each week as directed by the music teacher and equally important, students will be guided as to how to practice each week so that they can improve from one lesson to the next.


If you would like more information on Music Lessons, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or the Music Academy office Tel No: 053 301 500 Ext: 6017.


With warm regards and best wishes for what I hope will be a fantastic musical journey of discovery,


Ajarn Christopher Johnson

Director of Music

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