Igniting House Spirit

The vision for the House system, at Prem, has been for it to grow from a series of sports competitions into a broader programme. We wanted to challenge, engage and develop students, empowering their agency to create positive and meaningful experiences.
House Spirit and pride can be ignited quickly if everyone hastheir moment to shine. Students and staff may initially only take part in events that are in their comfort zones, but thisquickly spreads into them having the courage to try new things, allowing them to become risk-takers.
House with its healthy, good-natured competition and rich opportunities strengthens bonds between students of different Grade levels, genders, and nationalities. It is also a great opportunity for staff to forge stronger connections with students, which is healthy for both Pastoral and Academic relationships.
This year we have further developed the House System by introducing both House Homerooms and Boarding House Towers. I believe ‘House’ fosters a sense of belonging for the Prem community, where we can all enjoy the pride, unified sense of purpose and the very many experiences that are made possible through its challenges and events. I am pleased that we are privileged enough to have the many excellent teachers who can create the House Homerooms, which gives our students greater support throughout the year.
To go deeper still, if you are a boarding student then your House has even more meaning. Your House is your ‘home from home’, where tight-knit friendships are made, unique opportunities are explored and enjoyed and long-lasting memories are made. A Boarding House system really provides opportunities for 360-degree support and personal growth. The advantages of boarding are multi-layered. The time saved on travel, access to all of Prem’s facilities, additional help during study time and in a time of online learning, being able to socialise with your friends is priceless! Put simply, why wouldn’t you want to board?
Next week on our Prem Facebook you will be introduced to our excellent Heads of Houses.
Crispian Waterman
Director of Boarding & House System

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