IEP World Math Day

March 7th is the World Math Day 2018. It reminds us that “1+1 = 2” is everywhere in our life, like doing groceries, maintaining a monthly budget and planning for vacations. Numbers are everywhere. Since Math is better studied and understood with ‘hands-on’ experience, IEP has made a little extravaganza celebrating the World Math Day as well.
I. More Than Counting the Beans
Tigers and Lions are divided into 2 teams for different tasks with A. Clyde and A. Jun. They are given various small items such as dry red and yellow beans, M&M beans, paper clippers, bottle caps and even rice. Then they are separated into different groups to estimate the number of these different items in the containers, then write the possible answers on board and compare who’s got the closest one to be the winner. In the process, they have to practice their skills of estimating, dividing and multiplying in teamwork. It was quite interesting and exciting to see their engaged participation in tackling math problems besides learning English.

II. Kahoot + Math PlayGround
Kahoot is one of most common learning games for IEP. Today it is also used to generate students’ quick mental responses revealing the knowledge and skills they have learned. This term we have covered the place values of decimal numbers and conversions between decimals and fractions. When all classes are mixed and joined together, everyone is working twice harder than usual, seemingly. After that, they are given opportunities to show how good they are at playing math games @Math; in which randomly 3 games can be chosen and each should be reached to Level 3. Many of them succeeded in doing so with quick actions.

III. Good Workout and Sweet Candies
Everybody is mentally “athletic” today for competing and exercising with numbers and knowledge used to solve the questions. It’s time to line up and feed the hungry brains some reward candies! Well done!

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