IEP World Cleanup Day 2019! Great Success!


A goal that crosses borders and defies religious and cultural differences.

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 157 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.

(World Cleanup Day Org. 2008)

World Cleanup Day, September 20th, 2019 was a GREAT success for IEP. I would like to personally thank all volunteers; we had students, parents, boarding parents and teachers. Forty-seven volunteers in total! Everyone was working hard to make a difference in the local village community surrounding PREM Tinsulanonda International School, the local people applauded our efforts, which was truly encouraging! Some workmen and monks in the temple even stopped their work to film us and take pictures, it was evident that the local Thai community was proud of our students. This type of sustainable effort has resonating lasting effects!


We followed a route around the village, which was a (carbon-free!) 2.65km long route, walking for 33 minutes!                       


Despite the drizzling rain, every student gave 100% effort, devotion and teamwork, joining together with other people across the globe for World Cleanup Day, September 21st, 2019! Our students poured their heart and energy into searching for the plastic cans, bottles and bags that were covered by grasses and twigs. “Why is there so much trash here? It will not go away by throwing here.” A younger student commented. While cleaning for the community, they were also thinking about the causes and effects of environmental pollution and solutions. This not only makes students apply what they have learned in sustainability classes into practice but helps to generate their awareness and concerns to these problems in daily life vividly and individually. 


Three individual hands work better than one! 


Students walking in a line and searching for trash behind Wat Sawang Pet.


Compare and contrast fun.


Together, we can leave no trash unpicked. 


In pairs or groups, students gathered up a big bag of trash.


Separating the plastic trash from other trash is an important task.


Tigers worked very hard to clean up a 300-meter long road where the villagers used as “illegal dumpsites”.


The road looked much cleaner and nicer with our efforts.


We also had 4 devoted parents join the cleaning voluntarily, supporting us with encouraging words and self-evident actions. Some of them also gladly received interviews from our students, saying this was a great three-generation activity revealing Prem’s Mission Statement of “Working Together for a Sustainable Future.”


Parents were listening to A. Sam’s introduction of our plan.


“Action speaks louder than words.” Our students have learned the horrible effects of plastic trash on nature caused by people’s negligence. They have also gained the experience of being part of the active solutions to these problems by doing what they can. The passion, devotion and actions we put together for this event show that we are truly ‘a community that challenges its members to act as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens: working together for a sustainable future…’ At PREM school, sustainability is a top priority for us; this is keeping in harmony with our founder Mom Tri’s vision. 


A. Sam demonstrated to students how to use proper tools for cleaning and our cleaning route.


Some stubborn trash requires extreme efforts. 


Sharing is caring for the water-break.


World Cleanup Day 2019 provided us with an experience to connect our good learning with action! We certainly need more events like this where students, teachers and community can take their learning out into the field and really make a difference; We are sincerely looking forward to more future efforts. Well done to all! 


The Lions celebrated their success with smiles and happiness!


The Tigers celebrated their success with pride and confidence!


Reviewing today’s achievement with classroom interviews.

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