IEP trip to Mae Ram Elephant Rescue Park

On Thursday, IEP students had the opportunity to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary.

In the morning, students learnt about how the elephants lived before they were rescued (logging and circus) and why it is important to respect elephants and the environment we live in. By digging trenches and planting sugarcane and napier grass, they ensured that the elephants would have a food source in the future as they consume up to 300kgs per day!

After a delicious lunch of Pad Thai, spring rolls and watermelon, students (and staff) were able to try their hands at cutting up sugarcane and banana trees and creating special banana “cakes” made with rice husk, salt and tamarind. These cakes help with the elephants digestion and can also clean out parasites from their system.

Next, it was time to feed, play and interact with the elephants!

Last but not least, Khun Pek asked us to collect some of the elephant poo. Students learnt about how elephant poo can be used to assess the elephants health but that it is also great for making compost, fertiliser or even paper!

A great day out was had by all and we thank the staff at Mae Ram Elephant Rescue Park who made it possible.




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