IEP - The importance of creativity

“Linguistic creativity is not simply a property of exceptional people but an exceptional property of all people.”

– Ronald Carter

The importance of creativity as part of students’ educational experience is fast gaining traction in the research community. Within my own professional practice, I have seen the merits of a creative approach to teaching and learning and indeed, this is why I embraced the International Baccalaureate after 4 years teaching in Australia. Undoubtedly, creativity stimulates, engages and motivates students and not only improves educational outcomes but also aids in the development and promotion of self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness.

The arts play an important role in this process and in IEP, we take time to explore language use, which is in itself a creative act through enriching classes in Art, Music and Drama. This term in Art, we have been inspired by Andy Warhol and his ‘Pop Art’ movement, learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours, combinations and expressing ourselves through alternate mediums of communication.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities to build your child’s English language acquisition in the IEP, please contact Elizabeth Hammond, our Head of Admissions by email: or telephone: 087 991 7323.

Cara Templeton

Head of the Intensive English Programme

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