IEP Students Joined G7s Campweek

We had 3 IEP students who joined the G7s Camp week to the trip of Khao Yai National Park, which is one of the best national parks in Thailand to see a number of interesting animals and to learn from the wild nature. This is also the first camp experience for the IEP students to mingle with their mainstream schoolmates to explore sustainability learning through teamwork.

In the 5-day trekking and camping in Khao Yai, all 3 IEP students have blended in well with their G7 peers in unpacking / packing of the tents in groups; engaged well in microorganism research in the river and writing reflection journals for watching some birds and gibbons; worked and cooked together with assigned groups in the campsites; enjoyed some fun team-building games with their peer friends for sure. All brand-new learning with new people, yet all benefited from trying new things.

I have been told from their feedback that they really had a great time by learning and socializing with the G7s together. Whether it was in the singing and chatting in the van travelling, helping each other in community service by making salt licks for the elephants, or presenting their discoveries about the species in Khao Yai in the evening reflection time, all the IEP students have gained some good knowledge about nature and animals from this trip, and pleasantly, they have made some new friends in school as well.

It was a great experience and fruitful trip for the IEP students in the G7s Camp to Khao Yai. Bon voyage!

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