IEP Students Joined G6 Camp Week

3 IEP students joined the G6 Camp Week recently. Despite the new environment, new friends and new outdoor activities, they have made new friends and achieved a great success in their expedition. The G6 Camp trips consist of 2-day Jungle Home Stay and 2-day Doi Inthanon Camping and Hiking.
Students had great fun building up shelters by using banana leaves and bamboo sticks to compete for “rainstorm challenges” with teamwork at the Jungle Home.

Boat Trip on the Mae Guang Dam
Some IEP students are true helpers to carry food and organize activities with the Camp Leaders. They are also the leading performers for the campsite evenings.

After leaving the Jungle Home, the students left for Doi Inthanon for a nice Hill Tribe Trial Hiking. They have learned many new things on the way as well — cooking at the campsite, learning about the natural plants and important water resources of Chiang Mai and studying the temperature differences at different altitudes.
In the afternoon they learned how to build their own tents with new tentmates, which is an interesting way to get along with new friends through good communication.

Having hiked all the way to the highest spot in Thailand, the G6 Campers were so excited and proud of themselves.
All 3 IEP students joined G6 have participated well in all sorts of meaningful activities and learned a lot, including getting a hands-on experience to learn about Macro Invertebrates in the stream, building a fire-break path for the local community and giving wonderful camp shows for the evenings. Well Done!
Justin: “We went to the village with the villagers. And we went there for a half day long, the villagers made food for us, the food is very nice and tasty. They are very kind too. we also went to the bat cave, there was lot of bat in it, the villagers did not want us to go deeper because it was too dangers, and we did some hiking, we saw some peasant who works in the farm, they seemed to be busy, the water was very cold, it was freezing when you were shower. We learn many things in this week, we know how to help each other, how to ate food that we never had ate before, and also one of the most important things —-how to survive in the cold water.”
Nana: “We go to Doi Inthanon at the top of the mountain with cold weather. Then we went to make the tent and then we went to the waterfall and then we go to hiking is it”s was a little bit tired.Next day we went to catch invertebrates the water was so cold.And we travelled back to school.”

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