IEP: Remote Math Learning

Food preparation is an opportunity to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations. This term, IEP students in Maths Class A are learning how to identify, add and subtract fractions through cooking.   

In addition to developing their skills in measuring, maths operations and following instructions, recipes present a valuable opportunity for students to build their vocabulary as both native English speakers and EAL learners. 

Children benefit from visual and kinaesthetic models to help develop their conceptual understanding of fractions. For families who are currently supporting their children to learn remotely, key takeaways for learning fractions through cooking includes:

1. Dividing ingredients into smaller parts so children can visualise fractions (cutting a pizza into halves or quarters)

2. Use measuring cups to show how many smaller cups you need to add up to one bigger cup (using a ¼ cup 4 times = 1 cup)

3. Pointing out the numbers on the measuring cups/spoons (½ = half).

Aj. Cara Templeton

Boarding Parent/IEP Teacher

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