IEP field trip to Sangob Foundation

Term two marks our second learning outside of the classroom field trip in the IEP.

For this occasion students were treated to a day in a Karen Village courtesy of Sangob Foundation. During their visit they learned about sustainability through the lens of weaving; agriculture; education; trading and bartering and so much more.

It was an extremely valuable learning experience felt by all; students and teachers engaged with local villagers and the staff from Sangob making this a memorable experience.

Local Karen church

The rice harvest season

Learning from the Sangob team!

The Thai government has provided FREE internet to the entire village!

Free internet for all!

Visiting the local school

A trip to the local village shop

Many people in the Karen village still live in traditional thatch and bamboo homes

The local shop: we’re not in 711 anymore!

Hanging the laundry to dry

Learning about traditional herbal medicines! Tasting is part of the learning.

Learning about weaving and how the Karen people make their own traditional clothing.

Lunch! Eating organic Karen cuisine, delicious!

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