IEP and GIA's Co-learning

Last week, Prem Intensive English Programme (IEP) offered various co-learning activities with the visiting Guangyi International Academy (GIA) from Changsha, China. It has turned out to be a fun and engaging event for both schools.


Twenty two students and six teachers from GIA arrived in IEP on Monday afternoon to participate in co-learning our Core English Classes with IEP students together. Three groups of GIA students joined in our three IEP class groups according to their English levels. Class A had some interactive games of Phonics learning with A. Sam; Class B had some fun learning activities with A. Tshering and Class C enjoyed team-competing learning games about present continuous tense with A. Jun. All the students became quite engaged in the excitement of learning with a new group of students from a different culture and learning background.


The next day,  the GIA teachers and students came back to IEP and requested another co-learning session with them. We offered them 2 group-swapping activities. Aj. Iryna taught one group of the GIA students with her speciality of Scottish dance skills and surprisingly all their teachers and students participated in quite well with lots of interests and fun; Aj. Tshering and Aj. Jun introduced the Bhutan Culture Field Trip to the other group with a peaceful meditation practice at the end. Both groups enjoyed the special experience of “movement” and “tranquillity” with us.

Ms Li, the vice president of the GIA, expressed her gratitude and interest in looking into more future co-learning opportunities with Prem / IEP. Her team and students are very satisfied and enriched with the co-learning sessions with IEP.

Thank you for the support from A. Michael and his team from VPS as well as all the responsible IEP teachers who contributed to the successful co-learning for the students. Well done!

Aj. Jun Zhang

Director of IEP

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