ID Photo-Badges

The security and safety of our school community on campus is everybody’s concern. However, it is quite obvious that not all people who come onto campus, or who wish to come onto the campus, are known by teachers, staff members and our security personnel. Therefore it is imperative that people on campus are clearly identified.

That identification is your ID Photo-Badge and we urge every one of you to wear the badge every time you come onto campus.

Our security guards have been instructed to be particularly vigilant about the ID Badges and have instructions not to allow people onto the campus if they are not clearly wearing their ID-photo Badge.

If you do not have an ID photo-Badge please send your colour, passport-style photograph to paren[email protected] and one will be made for you very quickly, after which the ID Photo-Badge can be collected from the IT Help Desk in the library.

Please help us to keep our campus safe and secure for all community members.

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