IBDP/CP Trial Week

From June 9 – June 15 Grade 10 students were given the opportunity to try out the classes that they signed up for in the December Subject Selection time. hey followed the Grade 12 teaching schedule for the five days, and were introduced to the syllabi of the courses they have selected, as well as experienced lessons connected to the subject areas so that they can better understand what the course will offer.

This year we have 10 students who have trialled and joined the Careers Related Programme with its new offerings of CISI Finance and Risk Management, BTEC Computing, and SCAD University Design programme.

If the students found that the subject they had selected was not quite right, they were given the chance to trial another subject within the same group. With this opportunity, the students are ensuring that their choices for the next two years are the correct ones. They finalised their decisions on June 15. Beginning they school year in August they will still be given a chance up to the first four weeks to make any changes as well.

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