Outstanding IB Diploma Results

The Class of 2018 was extremely good to work with and so it is doubly pleasing to report their outstanding IB Diploma results in the May 2018 examination session.

With 40 students sitting the full IB Diploma we achieved 38 Diplomas and the other two students were very close to that goal.

25 students achieved scores of 32 points or above (where 45 points is the absolute maximum).

12 students achieved scores of 38 points or above.

2 students achieved scores of 40 points or above.

These extremely strong results produced an average IB Diploma score of 34 points (IBO, July 2018), which is 4 points above the normal world average.

These results will now set a new standard in the school and our Senior Class of 2019 is exhorted to match these results, or to surpass them.

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