IBDP Alumni - Class of 2021

Last week we were able to catch up with Hannah, who is a Prem Alumni from the Class of 2021! We wanted to know what she has been up to since leaving Prem and how, looking back at her years with us, she thinks her education at Prem and the IBDP Course she took  helped to forge her future career path.


What is the best thing about your new course at University?

  • Flexibility with the time schedule! I’m able to make my own schedule based on what kind of a learner I am and when I want my free time to be.

What are you hoping to do after university?

  • I am hoping to become a Pharmacist.

If you could go back to Grade 11 and give yourself a piece of advice what would it be?

  • Try to focus on creating an organized study schedule to keep up with your classes early on. Exams seem far away but the more work you put in early on the less stressed you’ll be in the future. Make sure to stay balanced though! Don’t push yourself too hard where you will burn yourself out.

What would you like to say to parents and students considering the IBDP course?

  • It’s a very challenging and time consuming course but it really does prepare students for university in so many ways—e.g. time management, study habits, and how to manage stressful course loads. The first year is for figuring out the structure and grading of the IB so try not to expect perfect results all the time.


We would like to thank Hannah for taking the time to speak with us and wish her every success in the future please do stay in touch!

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